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Any existing client of L. F. C. Securities Pvt. Ltd. can simply refer a friend, family member or a social accomplice to open a Trading and Demat account and would earn incentive.

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Send your friends to a page of your choice through your personalised affiliate link. If they open an account, we'll automatically map the referral to you.

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Refer FAQ

  • Who is a Referrer?

    Referrer(s) is a client of LABDHI who refers his friends for opening his/her Demat & Trading account with LABDHI.

  • Who is Referee?

    Referee is an individual who has been referred for opening his/her Demat & Trading account with LABDHI by the Referrer.

  • What Rewards will the Referrer get? *

    • Incentives will be given for opening trading account subject to minimum of Rs.10,000/- Cash margin.
    i. 3 Accounts = Rs.225/- per A/c.
    ii. 10 Accounts = Rs.250/- per A/c.
    iii. 20 Accounts = Rs.300/- per A/c.

    • Life time10% Brokerage sharing if referee account is activated within 30 days of referral given, subject to minimum
    ₹10000 cash margin/minimum
    ₹2000 brokerage within 30 days of account activation (any one)

  • What Rewards will the Referee get? *

    • Free trading and demat account opening.
    • No AMC for the first year.
    • EKYC to facilitate hassle-free and instant online account opening.
    • Minimum demat transaction charges.
    • Minimum rate of pledge towards margin.

  • When will the referrer and referee receive the rewards?

    • All the rewards will be credited to the referrer and referee account within 45 days of account activation.

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